New TV packages and Better Choice Bundles Discount

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I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: New TV packages and Better Choice Bundles Discount

they already offer 25.00 discount plus a 25 ongoing for having 3 services if we lose our bcb bundle which we only get off our cells i will be angry
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: New TV packages and Better Choice Bundles Discount

I've noticed a  lot of discussion over the past month or so regarding the Rogers Better Choice Bundle Discount.  Many people saying that they got an email informing them that it would no longer be offered.  However most people seemed to have confirmed that this is only affecting Customers that are on Corporate plans. 


Either way, I had recently taken advantage of that $60 10GB plan that was offered for a short period of time in December and was told that my Corporate 30% discount would be removed, which I was fine with.  The problem is that I was re-assured on the phone that the Better Choice Bundle discount would remain.  Well, January rolls around and I'm now noticing that the Discount hasn't been applied.  I just called Rogers and was informed that they cannot apply the discount to this plan because it is such a "lucrative" offer? So not only do I lose my 30% corporate promo, but now I'm losing my BCB promo as well?  I have every service (TV, Internet, Wireless and even Home Phone) with Rogers.  The Original Rep that set the new plan up with me even calculated what my bill would be with the BCB discount.  Now I'm being told that this is incorrect and that I was provided with wrong information.  Further to all of this, I'm also being told that it wouldn't make a difference because the BCB discount is being removed from ALL accounts, not just corporate.  This is contradicting what is being said here in the online community.  Furthermore, they haven't sent me any notices to that effect. 


Can someone please clarify this to me?  At this point I'm tempted to just take all of my services elsewhere.  If Bell can offer the $60 10 GB plan, then I have no reason to stay with Rogers.  I've been with them for over a decade and I'm sick of being given wrong information when setting up new plans and then literally paying for it when I see my bill the next month.   Then proceed to countless hours on the phone.... uggghhh.

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Re: New TV packages and Better Choice Bundles Discount

Hello @EricRTF.


Welcome to the Rogers Community Forums.


I hope you're enjoying the new plan! I know how inconvenient misinformation can be, especially when it comes to savings on an account. I do want to advise you that my colleague was correct, the $60 10GB plan was indeed a limited time discounted plan which is not compatible with any other discounts, offers and promotions.


As far as Better Choice Bundles are concerned, there are upcoming changes to this discount, however we will be notifying our customers ahead of time.


Watch this space for more updates Robot Happy!





I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: New TV packages and Better Choice Bundles Discount

why is rogers so secretive? we get 100 discount with the bcb and i’d like to know what’s happening if things are changing people at rogers tell you not to worry that my account is fine then yet you post changes are coming so clearly you already know what these changes are yet you refuse to be upfront and candid with your customers. typical rogers service
I've Been Here Awhile
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Re: New TV packages and Better Choice Bundles Discount

Hi Zia,


Thanks for the information, however, the problem here is that I was misled to believe the BCB discount would apply to my new Wireless plan, which it is currently not.  Regardless if the BCB program is being removed in the future or not. 


Now I'm being told that nothing can be done, aside from a pathetic $50 credit.  I've been a long standing customer with Rogers and what kept me coming back was the discounts I was getting for bundling all of my services.  I really don't have any other reason to stay with this company.  Unfortunately I will be cancelling Home Phone, Internet and Cable.  Only reason I will remain with Rogers for Wireless is because Bell will no longer offer the $60 10gb plan anymore.  Otherwise I would have taken all of my services out of Rogers. 

Resident Expert
Resident Expert
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Re: New TV packages and Better Choice Bundles Discount

the original BCB, usually would only remain in place, as long as there is NO plan change.  It would still keep going as long as nothing was changed. 

There are still other bundles/deals to be had as well (eg: i have 30% off both my net and TV right now), but to keep that deal, i have to keep a MINIMUM value of TV and internet plan.. if it goes too low of a price plan, they cant apply that discount anymore.

As for why they cant.. the way my understanding of how the system works.. is that it LOOKS for applicable plans.  Only the older plan had this set as one that could be applied to.  When a plan is changed, and then they try to add a discount, it wont apply, since something is not applicable to that code. 

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: New TV packages and Better Choice Bundles Discount

I have been in discussion with Rogers the last few days and here's what I'm able to gather regarding the future of the BCB discount:


-It'll be frozen as of March 15, 2018, meaning any major changes made to the residential or wireless services (eg. price plan change or hardware upgrade) after that date will result in the removal of the BCB discount immediately.

-It'll be gradually phased out over the next two years. 

-The exact end date will vary for each customer.

-The start date for the removal of the BCB discount is scheduled to begin sometime in September 2018 and last until early 2020 (guessing around March), depending on when the term discounts on the residential side expire. For example, if the term discounts for the residential services expire in December 2018, the BCB discount will be removed at that time (provided no changes are made before then).

-At least 60 days notice will be given to each customer before the discount is removed.


Hopefully this info is accurate as possible and feel free point out any corrections or details I missed.



I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: New TV packages and Better Choice Bundles Discount

most of rogers terms customers are on are for 1 year .. i was told september by casey either way we aren’t happy and our case has been referred off to oop. over a 2 year cell phone term we will pay rogers over 28,000. and to lose a discount of over 2600 in those two years doesn’t sit well clearly my business isnt valued we have unlocked all phones on the account and have begun to shop around .. it looks like our future and loyalty to rogers is on its way out.. while i understand this discount hasn’t been offered since 2013 rogers should have grandfathered it even though it dropped to 8 % bc new internet packages aren’t compatible that means we still will lose 72.00 a month. this was one reason dispite the horrible customer service and issues we’ve had that kept us around and continued to give rogers a chance ..we shall see how this plays out but it doesnt look good
I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: New TV packages and Better Choice Bundles Discount

I have been a Rogers customer  for 27 Years. Had bcb discount for many years and now at 0 bcb discount. In all cases discounts mysteriously disappeared after account changes. Rogers has been less than forthright in their communication.


When I lost the discount on TV....a case was opened as agent said I should still be receiving and after many month when I followed up was told my package did not qualify. I am sure I still have the original bcb far as I knew I only needed to have multiple the terms are in some ancient language that no modern person understands. Rogers terms of the day...


Bring on the CRTC complaints

I'm a Senior Advisor
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Re: New TV packages and Better Choice Bundles Discount

Here are the most recent terms from 2016 - these were obtained from their site.



Like you, I have had BCB discounts for ever it seems - there has been discussion in the thread that people have been advised that the BCB discounts are being discontinued this year, but like you, I have been told nothing, nor have I received any notices that it is being removed.


I changed my packages around last year, and as has always been the case, I did not get BCB discount on Cable, Internet, or Home phone, which has never received a discount, but was counted in the service.


I was advised that they were no longer counting Cable in the number of services - I have Cable, Internet, Home Phone and cell phones.


I received the 8% which is now the max, unless you add on Home Security which takes it to 12% I was told.


But when I followed up, I was advised that allow the bundled Cable services were not being dicounted, the add-on channels and HBO/TMN were still receiving the BCB, that the discount just didn't include the bundled service basic costs. I still get it on my phones.  They had forgotten to put the BCB discount on all the add-ons on the cable package, but I had to call them to get it  back in place.


If they don't give it back to you and you were not advised during your discussions, and in the confirmation email or mailing that is required by the CRTC on all service changes to plans (that doesn't include add-ons that I am aware of).


If they didn't advise you on the phone of all details, then you were not in a position to make a full educated decisions on costs and changes to your plans, and that is why the CRTC has mandated that you must receive a document in writing - either by mail, or with your explicit consent (by the way, confirming your email is not giving them consent to opt out of the written confirmations).  Any discrepencies, and you are in a position to negotiate with them for something in kind to w hat you thought you were getting, but were not advised of changes, and it can be taken right up to the CCTC through the escalation process found at


Let us know how it goes - you already have concern opened, so you have started the escalation of a concern process already.


Best of luck,been there a few times. Bruce

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