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Re: Great Customer Experience


Hi All!

Recently I called Rogers because I need help with something to do with one of my products that I needed some clarification on how to use it more efficiently..something like that. The CSR was most helpful and a very good teacher! Before the call ended she mentioned to me that my promotion was coming to an end soon. It was said to me in such a way that I expressed my gratitude for the heads up and so the way in which she told me was obviously with my best interest at heart.

Over the next week or 2 I talked with a few more people at Rogers about new promotions, what I could afford etc., and then was told about some new promos. 

A few days later I called back to just go over the offers and ended up talking to Saul in Moncton who was informative, great listener, very understanding and helpful. 

Typically before calling Rogers especially at renewal and negotiating time, I can feel an anxiety creeping up on me in anticipation of what it's going to cost me. Saul was has a wonderful sense of humour and we talked for a long time. Through the friendly, amusing chit chat he never lost his professionalism and was so committed to making sure I was getting the best of what I wanted in the renewal of my bundle.

By the time our call ended I not only was more than satisfied with my new promo I felt even more part of the Rogers family.

The other day I signed into my Rogers to check my new charges and found that my charges were all wrong.

I didn't panic, didn't get upset. Called back Rogers and talked with a couple of people in different departments


Congratulations on having such a pleasant experience!  

Congratulations as well   for being in the situation where  you can take so MUCH time to make that experience so pleasant for everyone .  Some of us are not blessed with  that particular situation and sometimes our  seeming lack of respect for Karma stems from the fact that   the business   we are dealing with also seems to show no respect for said principle   and makes dealings and communication excessively  complicated and  time consuming.  .  Smiley Wink

Like I said, I'm glad that your experience since your return to Rogers  has been so positive . 

I Plan to Stick Around
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Re: Great Customer Experience

We had a technician come by today, after calling for service this morning.   Internet is up and running faster, so thanks for the work done.   We are very pleased that everything is working better than before.Smiley Happy



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Re: Great Customer Experience

Hello, @Hayward


Thank you for sharing the pleasant news with the Community. I'm glad to know that the Internet is running faster after the tech visit and you are pleased. 


I appreciate your contribution and for your help in keeping the community a pleasant place to be.



The CommunityHelps Team



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